A Comprehensive Personal Protective Equipment List - The Ultimate Guide

Posted by Danielle Phillips-Green on 16th Apr 2021

Personal Protective Equipment List 
Thorough Guide with Recommended Products -

XP21 Personal Protective Equipment List

Choosing Your PPE 

Whether you are a healthcare professional or a person needing simple, everyday protection, selecting which types of PPE is the most suitable for your needs can be time-consuming and confusing.

The rise of Coronavirus has forced everyone to become more conscientious of PPE and how best to use it to make sure they and their loved ones are protected. Everyone recognises the importance of PPE but do you know what is the best equipment for you and your needs?

Here we have created a short personal protective equipment list which we hope will enable you to decide which products would be most suitable for your protection.

What is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) ? 

Personal protective equipment is protective clothing, garments or equipment created to protect the user’s body from injury or infection.

Why is PPE so Important ? 

PPE protects you and the people around you from any harmful bacteria within your environment. It also extends to health and safety in the workplace ensuring people can continue with their daily duties whilst maintaining a level of protection. PPE is particularly important in light of the Coronavirus. When used effectively, personal protective equipment can stop the spread of the virus and cross-contamination during close contact care or social interactions.

1. Face Mask 

Man Wearing a PPE Face Mask

PPE Masks are now a legal requirement in the UK and in an already saturated market, choosing the best one for you can be puzzling.

In our article ‘ The Only Guide You’ll Need for Choosing Face Masks’ , we discuss in more depth the key components of selecting your mask but the main things to consider are as follows:

What will you be using your mask for? Is it for long wear use, or a shopping trip? Considering how you intend to use your mask will help you decide which is your best option.

The most important thing to consider is the level of protection your mask will provide. The Type II and Type IIR ppe masks offer maximum protection in a disposable format and are simple to use. Please refer to our face mask article (click here) for further information on choosing your face mask. You can review all of our mask products here. For products available on your high street, Boots offer a range of masks and Amazon provide a substantial range of children’s masks. 

# The Key Benefits and Types of PPE Face Masks

The Key Benefits of Using Face Masks

  • Protection for your respiratory system
  • Helping protect others
  • Preventing the spread of air- born toxic bacteria 

Different Types of Face Masks

  • Surgical Masks
  • Respirators
  • Cloth Masks

2. Gloves 

Woman Wearing a Face Mask and PPE Gloves

Gloves are a popular choice for PPE in healthcare and care home facilities. PPE Gloves are important to avoid cross-contamination of surfaces, especially when handling patients and medical equipment but they are also useful for all round protection when using shopping trolleys or visiting local rest rooms. A glove should be made from a strong, protective material that doesn’t obstruct your daily tasks. Nitrile PPE gloves are a popular choice in most medical settings. Made from synthetic rubber, they are an ideal option for people who suffer with latex allergies. They provide superior resistance to oils and aqueous chemicals in comparison to vinyl or latex gloves. They even have a textured layer to provide a better grip. For further information and comparisons on how to choose the right PPE gloves please refer to our gloves article (click here).

# The Key Benefits and Types of PPE Gloves

Key Benefits of Using Protective Gloves:

  • Provides resistance against oils and aqueous chemicals
  • Ideal for handling patients and administering care
  • Excellent source of personal protection in hospitals, care homes and education environments

Different Types of Protective Gloves

  • Latex Gloves
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Vinyl Gloves

3. Face Shield 

Man Wearing a Face Shield with PPE Visor

The face shield is becoming a popular option for PPE. They can be used as a stand-alone product or to maximise protection when used with a mask. What makes a face shield different to a face mask is they provide added protection for the eye area, whereas masks simply cover the nose and mouth. A lot of people don’t realise that transmission of infection can still occur through the eyes, which makes the face shield a vital part of PPE.

We have two types of medical face shields with PPE visors that offer expert protection. Both of these products offer anti-fog benefits, meaning you can continue with your duties uninterrupted. Browse our range here at XP21 and discover more about why Face shields are a necessary PPE addition. The Face shields also have some excellent face shield products and competitively priced bundles available. 

# The Key Benefits and Types of Face Shields

Key Benefits of Using Face Shields:

  • Maximises protection when used with a mask
  • Protects the eyes from harmful bacteria and particles
  • Can be used as a stand alone product to provide better breathability

Different Types of Face Shields

  • Headband face shield
  • Food-grade plastic shield
  • Disposable face shield
  • Wide face shield
  • Pivot face shield
  • Face shield with built-in goggles
  • Gaiter
  • Bandana

4. Sanitiser 

Excalibur Sterify Hand Sanitiser

Everyone recalls the perils of 2020 where you couldn’t buy hand sanitiser or surface sanitiser anywhere! Prices were marked far higher than usual because everyone suddenly recognised the benefits of using these products. Selecting a sanitiser whether it's for hands or surfaces can be difficult. Many on the market smell great but don’t provide the level of protection they claim to against bacteria and viruses. When choosing your product, it's important to consider if it's safe for use around your family and pets and ultimately whether it delivers the protection it professes to.

XP21 has developed a sanitiser range that offers full protection against viruses and bacteria and is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it the perfect ‘solution’ to your family’s protective needs. The Sterify formula comes in handy ‘on the go’ sizes all the way up to sizable 5l bottles, whatever your protective needs, Sterify can protect you and your family. Find out more here. For other options available in your local supermarkets, Dettol are a renowned household brand that provide excellent elimination of bacteria, they also have a pet range to keep your four legged friends safe! When searching for products always make sure they provide the ability to kill over 99% of germs and check their ingredients to make sure they are safe to use around your family. 

# The Key Benefits and Types of Sanitisers

Key Benefits of Using Sanitisers:

  • Provides protection on the go
  • Eliminates up to 99% of bacteria on hands and surfaces
  • Prevents cross-contamination
  • Are an excellent source of cleaning when access to soap and water is limited

Different Types of Sanitisers

  • Alcohol Based
  • Alcohol Free

5. Thermometers 

Man Taking Temperature by Forehead Theremomter

The medical thermometer is an accurate way of detecting and measuring a fever. Non-contact thermometers are essential in professional settings to avoid cross-contamination, but they are also useful when trying to obtain readings from small children. Our digital non-contact thermometers provide easy, detectable results and take away the fuss of trying to determine readings. In using a non-contact method, users can also be assured they are providing further levels of protection against virus spreading as results can be obtained from a distance. You can view our non-contact thermometers here and discover the benefits of these supporting PPE products. Safe and sound health have a range of thermometers from ear to non-contact, you can review their products here, you can of course also review an extensive range on Amazon too.

# The Key Benefits and Types of Thermometers

Key Benefits of Using Thermomeers:

  • Quickly and accurately detects a fever
  • Non-contact avoids cross-contamination when obtaining results 

Different Types of Thermometers

  • Digital thermometers
  • Forehead thermometers
  • Plastic strip thermometers
  • Glass and mercury thermometers
  • Pacifier thermometer

6. Shoe Covers 

Man Putting on Disposable Shoes Covers

Shoe covers are not only useful in environments that need to remain sterile, but they are also a great method of protection for your floors and carpets. Shoe covers are required to be practical and they need to be safe for use on all floor surfaces too. XP21 Shoes covers: XP21 have developed shoe covers that are durable and waterproof but also offer a non-slip benefit these shoe covers are available in one size that fits all and with an elasticated band to secure its fit, our shoe covers deliver outstanding protection against cross-contamination on floor surfaces. You can shop them here.

Medisave Overshoes Dispenser: this shoes dispenser comes with 150 free shoe covers, which is perfect for home and offices.

# The Key Benefits and Types of Shoe Covers

Key Benefits of Using Shoe Covers:

  • Prevents cross-contamination of floor surfaces
  • Protects shoes and carpets from dirt and harmful bacteria

Different Types of Shoe Covers

  • Disposable Shoes Covers
  • Reusable Shoe Covers
  • Professional-grade Shoes Covers

7. Aprons 

XP21 White Disposable Aprons

Many people purchase masks and gloves and neglect to consider their clothes. Aprons are ideal for use in nursing, catering and care-home environments for protecting your clothing and uniforms from bacteria, liquids and other contaminants. Disposable aprons should provide all round protection. Our high-quality polythene ppe apron repels liquid from its surface. The apron is secured using convenient ties and loops around the neck for quick application when you need it most. The ppe apron is a convenient, ‘no-fuss’ solution for protecting your clothes. You can browse our apron range here.

# The Key Benefits and Types of Aprons

Key Benefits of Using Aprons:

  • Protects clothes from bacteria, liquids and other contaminants
  • Protects your clothes from cross-contamination
  • Useful for patient care, catering and general household cleaning duties

Different Types of Aprons

  • Disposable Aprons
  • Reusable Aprons

8. Counter Shield 

Woman Cleaning the Counter Shield

The counter shield offers extra protection when closer contact is required, for example to take payment. Counter Shields protect people from either side from exposure to exhaled particles in the air. Excalibur has developed a  counter shield that is made from 4mm clear acrylic. This material ensures protection without obstructing the view from either side. Available in different sizes, it can be fixed to counter tops or flat surfaces with ease, guaranteeing further protection support for your workplace. What makes this model of personal protective equipment superior is the rectangular opening at the cashier's desk level to allow payment to continue without compromising on protection. You can review this product here:

Some counter shield companies offer various different styles of counter shields to cater to different environments and requirements. From wraparound to split models, you can specify your needs and they will make a countershield that is bespoke to your business.

# The Key Benefits and Types of Counter Shields

Key Benefits of Using Counter Shield:

  • Provides extra protection for when closer contact is required
  • Protect people from both sides from harmful particles in the air 

Different Types of Counter Shield

  • Suspended Counter Shield
  • Floor Standing Counter Shield
  • Counter Shield for Desks

9. Test Kits 

Excalibur Rapid Antigen Test Kit - Pack of 5

The ability to determine if you have Covid-19 is imperative when working in healthcare and care home environments or even workplaces for normal duties to continue and to stop the spread of the virus.

Excalibur have diligently created the new rapid antigen test to provide users with a positive result in as little as 15 minutes. The test has been designed using expert scientific knowledge and extensive independent testing to make this the most accurate test of its kind available. For more information about this innovative test, click here.

# The Key Benefits and Types of Test Kits

Key Benefits of Using Covid Test Kits:

  • Detects if coronavirus is present at the time of taking the test
  • Stops the spread as users can take immediate action to self isolate and communicate results with others
  • Mass testing provides more data on the virus and therefore more information on how to eliminate the virus 

Different Types of Covid Test Kits:

  • Antibody Test
  • Antigen Test
  • PCR Test


We hope our short guide offers you more clarity on the types of personal protective equipment products available and how they can assist you. The more awareness we have on protection equipment, the more chance we have of stopping the spread of coronavirus and protecting one another from it.As more and more PPE products become available, it is important to remember to select products that adhere to stringent EU and Government guidelines in order to guarantee their efficiency in their protection capabilities. In the comparative graph below you can see an overview of which piece of personal protective equipment provides the best protection.

If you would like more information on any of the products listed or the types of ppe we have available, you can contact our customer service team who would love to help you find the right personal protective equipment products for you.

Take care of yourselves and each other!

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