Excalibur has diligently developed the new Rapid Antigen Test to provide users with the most accurate and reliable results available. This rapid covid test has been thoroughly and independently tested, providing users with the peace of mind that they are not carrying the virus at the time of the test being performed. As the virus continues to evolve and spread, now more than ever it is important that users have immediate results to ascertain if they are putting others at risk. The rapid covid test  provides users with immediate results that they may require to return to work or to perform other duties. 

Excalibur confidently believes they have developed the most rapid and consistently accurate rapid covid test in the world. 

Excalibur has also designed an Antibody test, soon to be available for online purchase. Unlike the Rapid Antigen Test, the Antibody test kit will provide users with the information of whether they have already had the virus. The test works by detecting antibodies in the blood to ascertain if the body has developed an immunity to the virus. This is useful for people requiring this information for work or travel and also for people who wish to know if they already have immunity from the virus. 

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Please note all our Excalibur Testing kits are intended for use and supervision by trained professionals